Prof. Dr. Georg Hauer Consulting

Welcome to our website! Here we would like to inform you about who we are and what services we can offer you.

Our management consultancy specialises in the areas of general management, controlling, advisory and business consulting. We see ourselves as a partner who supports you with sound expertise and practical solutions. Our aim is to support you in optimising your business processes and to identify and realise potential for success together. Find out more about how we can help you and what added value we can create for your company.


Our wide range of professional consulting services is designed to provide the best possible support to a diverse customer base. With a comprehensive range of consulting services, we offer customised solutions that meet the individual requirements of our customers.

Management Accounting / Controlling

At a time when companies are faced with rising profit expectations, increasing cost pressure, continuously shortening product life cycles and the expansion of value chains to entire company networks is a constant challenge, effective controlling is becoming increasingly important.

Controlling, derived from the English term ‘to control’, which means to steer or regulate, encompasses far more than just reports and figures. Its main objective is to actively support company management. By not only keeping an eye on financial performance, but also managing processes and providing sound support for strategic decisions, controlling plays a key role in ensuring that companies can operate successfully in a dynamic business environment.


Our times are characterised by constant change. New customer requirements, changing competitive situations and the development of new markets require adjustments ranging from the optimisation to the fundamental redesign of business processes, locations, organisations and information systems.

In addition to analysis and decision-making, clear management structures and professional project management play a decisive role in change management. These factors are essential for the success of change management.


The demand for sustainability permeates all areas of life and business. Our consulting approach focuses on showing you which opportunities and potential in the area of sustainability are tangible for you and how you can make the most of them.

The introduction of the European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS) at the end of July 2023 places new demands on all companies. We support you in meeting these standards and accompany you on the way to a more sustainable and responsible business practice.


With many years of experience in IT consulting, we specialise in controlling information technology, particularly in areas such as IT billing and IT controlling. Our expertise covers various aspects of IT, which enables us to offer customised solutions for your specific requirements.

Another focus of our activities is the realisation of projects in the field of eMarketing. Here we combine our IT expertise with innovative approaches in digital marketing to promote your company’s success. Our aim is to support you sustainably with effective IT solutions and creative eMarketing strategies and to realise success together.

Supervisory and Advisory Board Mandates

In addition to our work in management consultancy, we also take on responsible mandates as members of supervisory or advisory boards in companies. With our in-depth experience and expertise, we help to establish clear governance structures and ensure an effective strategic direction. Our involvement as members of supervisory or advisory boards enables us to actively contribute to the sustainable development and successful management of companies.

Lectures / Academic Contacts

Immerse yourself in the symbiosis of practice and science by letting us organise presentations and keynotes for your conference, meeting or workshop. Our experts not only bring extensive practical experience to the table, but also combine this seamlessly with the latest scientific findings. We offer inspiring and informative contributions that will enrich your event and stimulate fruitful discussion. We are also available for academic contacts to promote the exchange between your organisation and renowned research institutions.